Early DMPK Analysis Means Opportunity for Better Results

October 25, 2018

Don’t skip important steps in preclinical research: drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic analysis (DMPK).

DMPK Quick Tips

More and more, researchers have seen that DMPK studies conducted sooner, rather than later, avoids moving forward compounds that may fail in later development. Build your preclinical work around smarter, more effective DMPK parameters with these tips:

1) Run DMPK analysis earlier.

DMPK analysis directly contributes to reduced drug attrition later in drug development. For optimal results, run DMPK studies as early as possible within your drug testing funnel. This can help you evaluate whether or not the compound has fundamental metabolic or pharmacokinetic liabilities that could limit future development.

2) Find the right assay.

Among parameters such as metabolism, permeability, protein binding or more, ample options await researchers as they employ the right mix of high-throughput assays for DMPK studies. To find yours, assess your study goals and align selected DMPK assays with your preclinical strategy.

3) Evolve for new advancements.

As new drug classes and targets emerge, account for those advancements with adjustments to DMPK parameters to ensure that important factors like additive toxicity or drug-drug interactions don’t go untested.

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